Tulip Wreath for the Front Door

Tulip Grapevine Wreath with Burlap Ribbon for Front DoorThis tulip wreath I made for our front door was simple and fairly inexpensive. I always say adulthood has beaten the creativity out of me, so I’m excited to have completed this! And, I think it looks great. Welcome, spring!

The things I bought:

  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks (Most crafters will probably already have this on hand. I got mine at Walmart for less than $10.)
  • Grapevine wreath – I used an 18″ one from Hobby Lobby.
  • Tulip stems – I got these 50% off at Hobby Lobby and picked white, yellow and pink.
  • Floral wire
  • Burlap ribbon – I purchased two sizes. The larger one is 4″ and the smaller was 1″.
  • A wooden letter for our last name initial.
  • Acrylic paint.

I started by painting my wooden letter with the acrylic paint so it would dry while I worked on everything else.

wooden letter painted
Paint the letter first to allow time for drying.

Next, I used the instructions to make the bows from Polka Dot Chair. This is where the inspiration for this project came from, but I put my own touch on it. I like my bows, but they are not as perfect as the ones from the original!

                         burlap ribbon bow 2             burlap ribbon bow 3

Then, I got my hot glue gun plugged in and ready for use. I laid the grapevine wreath out on the floor and picked a good place for the bow. I used floral wire and hot glue to secure in place.

grapevine wreath with burlap bowNext, I used a pair of my husband’s wire cutters to clip tulip stems off the bouquets of silk flowers I bought from Hobby Lobby. I began arranging them by weaving the stems into the grapevine. I did not hot glue anything but the bow until I was happy with it at the end.

                         grapevine wreath with tulips and burlap bow          IMG_0007

Once I was satisfied with the flower arrangement, I then used more of the small burlap ribbon to wrap around the wreath. I used this to help keep some of the flowers in place. I also made a loop of ribbon at the top from which to hang the wreath on the door.

IMG_0008Then I arranged my painted wooden letter at the top right of the wreath and hot glued it in place. I also then used the hot glue to secure all the flowers and the ribbon on the grapevine wreath.


Finally, I hung the wreath on our front door using the burlap hanger loop. I think it turned out well, and it brings a nice touch of spring to the house!  Bonus: I was able to salvage the tulips I did not use on the wreath in a pretty vase on our fireplace mantle!