Dakota Meyer and Bristol Palin cancel wedding – good for them!

A lot of people are discussing the cancellation of the wedding of Bristol Palin and Dakota Meyer. Many people are using this as an opportunity to take cheap shots at one or both parties and their families.

I don’t know them other than what I know from the media, but I say good for them. I know too many people who have gotten divorced young or are in unhappy marriages. If one or both of them felt strongly that this wasn’t a good idea, I think it’s fantastic they had the courage to recognize it and put a stop to it, despite the fact that it may have been embarrassing to them or cost them money for an already-planned wedding.

Despite how you feel about either of them (I’m no Sarah Palin fan), I congratulate them for taking a step back rather than rushing into an ill-fated marriage. I wish more people had the courage to do the same.