I love gray, just not fifty shades of it…

I feel strongly that part of growing older and wiser is learning that there are shades of gray in almost all aspects of life. This is NOT to say I believe in moral relativism; there are absolutely rights and wrongs.

The longer I live this life, the more disturbed I am to see how many people on both ends of the spectrum simply cannot see shades of gray and cannot think logically about scenarios without jumping to conclusions dictated by their political, religious or other preconceived notions.

For example, I’ve seen much debate lately on the topic of sexual assault. It seems there are only two camps: the uber-feminists who seem to think no one is ever capable of lying about sexual assault accusations, and the “meninists” (what a ridiculous concept) who think that all women lie about sexual assault and/or sexual assault doesn’t even exist.

It is entirely possible (in fact, entirely LIKELY) that there are many women who are sexually assaulted or otherwise mistreated AND there are some women who lie about being assaulted. Because there are a few high-profile cases of women who lied about their assaults (e.g. the Duke lacrosse team accusations or the woman featured in Rolling Stone recently), it does not mean that every woman lies about assault. Likewise, believing most women who report sexual assault doesn’t mean you are naive to the fact that some women make up stories.

Too many people paint life with a broad brush. It’s almost as if they are incapable of taking scenarios on a case-by-case basis, evaluating the information specific to that case and then reaching a logical conclusion, particularly if that logical conclusion doesn’t fit into the preconceived boxes they’ve already clung to based on politics or religion (e.g. I’m super-anti-feminist, therefore all women hate men and all women lie about being raped!).

With the exception of absolute rights and wrongs (e.g. murder is wrong), life is full of gray! It requires logical thinking and reasoning to navigate.