With whom would you have lunch?

Mark Cuban courtesy of INC VideoA friend shared an INC Video today of Mark Cuban talking about privacy, social media and two new projects he’s working on to be released soon.

The man is a complete genius. And by genius, I mean he’s got the necessary book smarts to accomplish his dreams and goals, but he also possesses extraordinary gifts of logic and basic common sense.

The video prompted me to think that of anyone alive, he’s definitely at the top of my list of people with whom I’d love to have lunch.

A few others on my list:

  • Mark Cuban
  • Harry Connick, Jr.
  • Mike Rowe
  • Miranda Lambert

Harry is an amazing performer and (who knows? I could be wrong) always comes across as a personable, amusing personality.

Mike Rowe is another one of those individuals who is obviously intelligent, but also possesses the common sense and logic that I so admire in Mark Cuban. He’s also incredibly witty. (Don’t believe me? Check out his replies to his hate mail.)

Miranda Lambert is one of my favorite musicians in country music and a fellow animal lover.

I’m a little sad I can’t think of many others. But I’ve never been one to go crazy for celebrities.