When did it become uncool to act like a lady?

I read a great blog on We are THAT family yesterday about the way young girls behave these days. Coupling that with a quick review of Instagram, where what I see is nothing short of soft porn on a regular basis, made me wonder when it became uncool to be a lady?

I am all for giving young women opportunity. While I believe there is unspeakable value in stay-at-home moms, I’m understanding that not all families can function on one income (mine being one of them). So I do support women going to college or vocational schools. I support women performing jobs that used to be reserved for men only, like those in science and math fields.

With the feminism movement, I draw the line (several lines, actually) at:

  • Pretending there is no difference between males and females. Genders have different strengths and weaknesses, neither of them more valuable than the other.
  • Encouraging young women to explore and even display sexuality without any restraint.
  • Raising the value of women above the value of men, or even to the extent of man-hatred and encouraging other women to view men as an enemy.

I’m most disturbed by Instagram these days. Why any man would need to pay for pornography access is beyond me. Regular young ladies frequently post photos semi- to almost totally nude, proudly displaying their backsides, their cleavage and even their entire naked body with a hand covering only their privates.

I recognize that celebrities today model this behavior, and I also recognize that many young girls don’t derive self-esteem from character and behavior. Rather, self-esteem is tied to appearance, and there’s no quicker way to gain attention for one’s appearance than to display your body with reckless abandon.

Where are these girls’ parents?

I’ll admit, before I got married, I posted a questionable photo or two. But for me, “questionable” was perhaps revealing a tad too much cleavage. I never publicly posted photos of my bare butt, as seems to be a trend today.

And, lest I be accused of piling on the girls, when will we start expecting young men to avert their eyes? My son is only 8 months old, but already I’m praying that my husband and I can teach him that the true value of a woman lies in her character and her Christian faith, rather than outward beauty.

I hope that my son will grow up to respect women even if they don’t always respect themselves.

Ladies, you may be lavished with praise and attention for exposing your bodies publicly, but it’s only fleeting, as are your looks. Hold out for a man who praises you for your character. Those relationships will last longer and grow deeper.

Men, recognize that women are worth more than cheap photos exposing a lot of skin. Those ladies may appear confident, but they’re masking deep insecurities and a need for love from a man that you won’t ever be able to completely satisfy.