Lemon Sugar Scrub Teacher Gifts Idea

Lemon Sugar Scrub Teacher GiftMy son’s last day at daycare is today. We will be taking him to a family friend for care during the week going forward.

I wanted to bring a little something to his teachers and staff at daycare to thank them for being so kind. I’d done peppermint sugar scrub as Christmas gifts for my coworkers in the past, so since it’s summertime, I thought I’d do a spin-off version for these adorable teacher gift ideas.

It was pretty simple and cheap! What you’ll need:

Most important is to let the coconut oil liquify a bit. Both times I’ve made this, I found that letting the jar sit in a sink full of hot water while I print the labels does the trick.

In a big bowl (depending on how many you are making), add the sugar and the liquid coconut oil. I use my hands to knead it together to make a chunky mixture. Then, I added 8-10 drops of lemongrass oil to make eight jars of scrub. You can make the scent as strong or subtle as you like. Mix it together some more.

Then, using a funnel or just your hands, fill the jars with the mixture.

I also made lemon sugar scrub labels to stick on the jars. They are made with Avery 5163 sheets of adhesive shipping labels. Feel free to use as you wish!

I thought these were a cute, inexpensive gift idea for summer.