Our Heidi is having surgery

Heidi and DJOur German shepherd, Heidi, got sick on Tuesday afternoon. I dropped her off at our vet yesterday during lunch, and they found through X-rays that she has a GI obstruction and a kidney level that is high. She got some IV fluids and other treatment and came home for the night. We were hopeful the obstruction would pass naturally, and she would start feeling better.

Unfortunately, today the obstruction is still present, but she also has more serious swelling. The vet showed me her X-rays, and he’s unsure exactly what it is – could be fluid retention, a ruptured or enlarged spleen, a perforated stomach lining, etc.

So Heidi is going into surgery any minute now. My husband and I are both upset. Daniel got Heidi as a puppy, and even though she is not an “official” therapy or service animal, she helped him get through some very trying times after his discharge from the Army.

She was also like a therapy animal for me during my pregnancy and afterward, when I went through postpartum preeclampsia and then postpartum depression/anxiety. Our son also loves Heidi very much.

So, we are certainly worried and praying that God will help the doctors be successful in this surgery to get our Heidi feeling well again.

Please say a quick prayer for all of us. We believe God answers prayer and would appreciate it!

Heidi over the years