Support the “Jaxon Strong” Family

Jaxon Buell
Jaxon Buell, born Aug. 27, 2014 with an unnamed and incurable brain malformation

I am grateful every day I wake up and my little boy is healthy and whole. I know many are not so fortunate. A friend of mine from Florida often likes or shares updates from a family’s campaign called “Jaxon Strong.

Little Jaxon Buell was born almost a year ago with a severe brain malformation that doctors have not even named. There is no cure. To provide constant care for this precious child, his mom Brittany stays home. They have a GoFundMe campaign established to help replace Brittany’s income and to pay for Jaxon’s care, which is understandably expensive.

I know Jaxon is not the only child in need, nor is this family the only family facing significant uphill battles. But their story has touched my life, and so I wanted to share it here. We are not able to make many financial contributions at this time in our life, but we can offer prayers and share stories.

If you are able, please consider donating to this worthy cause, or just share to your networks and say a prayer for this family. Then, do as I do, and give your loved ones a great big hug! Be grateful for your health.

God bless you, Jaxon!