Review: HP Stream Laptop with Touchscreen

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HP Stream LaptopI purchased the HP Stream 11.6-inch Convertible 2-in-1 Touchscreen Laptop this week to replace my 10-year-old Dell desktop PC (more or less). I’ll keep the desktop as long as it’s operable, but I could tell it’s on its last legs. Plus, I wanted something small and user-friendly to take with me for writing and simple activities like email and web browsing.

The HP Stream laptop so far exceeds my expectations. I love that it is convertible, so I can use it on the desk as a traditional laptop with a touchscreen, or I can fold it over and use it as a tablet. In the first couple of days, I do notice it’s not quite as mobile-friendly as an iPad or my iPhone, but it works for what I need.

With only 32 GB of storage, it will not hold much in the way of software. I upgraded to Windows 10 right away, which is free with the purchase of this particular model. I had to use a flash drive with additional memory to even install Windows 10, which was a common complaint. But flash drives are so cheap these days, this was not a huge inconvenience to me. (If you want a great, cheap flash drive, I ordered two of these SanDisk Cruzer 32 GB drives from Amazon!)

It also only has 2 GB of memory, so you won’t be able to run many things at one time. Again, the HP Stream laptop is not designed for power users who need to have multiple programs running simultaneously.

I downloaded two of my favorite services – Evernote and DropBox – and so far have used all but about 6 GB of storage. The HP Stream laptop is not for you if you’re looking to download the Adobe Creative Suite or do anything that requires much storage.

The HP Stream laptop is super lightweight at barely 3 pounds

The HP Stream laptop is super lightweight (3.3 pounds), so I love that I can easily add it to my tote bag or throw it in the diaper bag with no issue.

Another huge selling point for the HP Stream laptop is its long battery life! I love that I can use the HP Stream laptop for about nine hours without having to recharge!

Overall, the HP Stream laptop is a handy little device for web surfing, email, social networking and light productivity. I don’t think it would replace a traditional desktop/laptop entirely, but I’m comfortable with it and love the convenience factor. For the price, it’s a wonderful tool.