The Unplanned Mommy

The Unplanned Mommy - Kelly and DJI started blogging regularly earlier this year, and over time discovered I really need to rebrand. Thus, I’m changing the name of this blog to The Unplanned Mommy.

As the name implies, my son was not a planned pregnancy. Turns out he wasn’t the only thing unplanned in my life these days!

I ended up facing pregnancy complications, including postpartum preeclampsia and postpartum depression and anxiety.

I got married when I was about four months pregnant, so I would tend to call my marriage a little unplanned, as well, although very welcome!

After facing challenges working, I switched jobs in May 2015 and then in October opted to quit working full time entirely. It remains to be seen how long this will continue – I’m seeking freelance opportunities and may work at least part time soon.

On top of everything else, my life just generally seems reactionary – unplanned – no matter how hard I try to organize and arrange everything in some Pinterest-perfect design. Thus, The Unplanned Mommy is born.

I hope to share here life as a first-time mom, which does not always go as planned. I’ll retain my other site at for professional purposes, too.

Please feel free to leave feedback! Looking forward to connecting with others who can relate or have their own stories to share!

  • Deborah Will

    Although it may have been unplanned by you (LOL), God has a plan and it is perfect. I used to say unplanned but don’t anymore. I had pre-eclampsia too way back and we almost lost our daughter and me. Cute baby and love your picture.

    • Thank you! Yes, God always knows the plan, but we don’t. I also use unplanned to mean reactive – I like to have things planned out, but it just doesn’t ever seem to work out anymore! Ha! Thank you so much for the nice compliment on our photo. 🙂