#30DaysofThanks: Grateful for pets

Today, Nov. 7, I am grateful for pets. We currently have a German shepherd dog named Heidi and a medium haired mix breed cat named Stella.

Heidi is a sweet dog who is super attuned to our emotions. She helps us all when we are feeling down, for example as I’ve been recovering from postpartum depression. My son has been sick recently, and Heidi frequently licks him and tolerates his clumsiness as a toddler trying to hug on her.

Heidi is also very protective of us all, but especially our son! He loves when we swing him around in the air and hold him upside down, but Heidi is always very close by, pacing and yipping, almost as if she’s saying “You be careful not to drop my baby!”

Every morning when I go in to get DJ up for the day, Heidi heads through the door first and goes to greet him in the crib. He cackles with delight and tries to reach her as best he can to give her a little pat. His new favorite hobby these days is feeding her from his high chair. He doesn’t mind dog slobber one bit. (I do, on the other hand, so I also love that Heidi is not one of those dogs that has to kiss everyone all the time!)

Our cat, on the other hand, is not as clingy. (But I understand we don’t own cats; they own us!) She is, however, a sweet kitty who likes to hop on the bed when the dog isn’t already on it. She’s got beautiful bright eyes and black silky fur with white socks. Her white whiskers stand out in stark contrast against her fur, and she looks quite regal!

I’ve owned several dogs and cats in my lifetime, and they each have held a very special place in my heart. We had to say goodbye to my dog Bailey earlier this year, and we still miss him deeply. I got him in college, and he was with me through many, many life changes.

Pets are an incredibly important part of our lives, and I know we will always have pets. Today, I am incredibly grateful for our furry companions.

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