#30DaysofThanks: Grateful for Life Experience

#30DaysofThanks Blog writing challengeToday, Nov. 9, I am grateful for life experience. I am grateful particularly for life experience in dating and relationships.

I am thankful for my previous relationships, including the single dates, the guys who treated me disrespectfully and the relationships that just didn’t work out.

Thanks to all that life experience, both positive and negative, I learned to recognize what was important in a partner. I learned to expect more and demand more and realize I deserved more. I began to look for traits that I knew would be important in making a long-term relationship – a marriage – last. I knew what traits would be a disaster.

I am grateful for the tears I cried, the hurts I endured, the hard words that I both heard and spoke; they all taught me things that led me to ultimately marry the man of my dreams – my husband and the father to my child.

If you are reading this, whether you are male or female, embrace your life experience. Understand that loving means you will experience hurt or loneliness or heartbreak. Embrace it, and then learn from it.

In June 2013, I had just ended a long-term relationship and moved into my own apartment. I prayed fervently that if God intended me to get married, that he would bring the right man into my life. I also prayed that He would help me to focus on the tasks he set before me rather than on loneliness or getting another boyfriend. And I asked for acceptance of His will – even if that meant staying single and doing something else with my life besides getting married and having a family.

It was when I made peace with that scenario that I was able to enjoy my life without obsessing over finding a man, and then – lo and behold – I met my husband.

So I am thankful for all the life experience that taught me what to look for and how to be confident on my own, which enabled me to find the man God intended for me.

Will you join me in taking the #30DaysofThanks challenge? Each day from Nov. 1-30, write or share something for which you’re thankful with the hash tag #30DaysofThanks.