#30DaysofThanks: Thankful for sunshine

thankful for sunshineToday, Nov. 19, I am grateful for sunshine.

I grew up in Orlando, Florida, and man was I ever clueless as to how lucky we were! I never realized how many people go for days without any sunshine. When I moved to Georgia, it was late spring, so I did not experience the gloomy fall or winter right away.

Once I did, I really felt like I was going out of my skin without sunshine for days or even weeks. We just had a stretch of weather like that. We went for about 8 days without any sunshine, and many of those days it was not only cloudy but also rainy or misty.

Many of my friends started sharing an Internet meme stating “Welcome to Seattle, Georgia.” My sister lives in Seattle, so I can attest to the truth behind this joke!

Regardless, today was absolutely glorious. It was brilliantly sunny with a bright blue sky. The temperature stayed in the 60s, and the humidity was practically nonexistent.

So, today I am grateful for the beautiful, glorious sunshine. I hope it sticks around for awhile!

Will you join me in taking the #30DaysofThanks challenge? Each day from Nov. 1-30, write or share something for which you’re thankful with the hash tag #30DaysofThanks.