#30DaysofThanks: Grateful for vacation

Today, Nov. 21, I am grateful for vacation. (I’m writing this a day late thanks to our vacation!) My husband and I have been up in Ellijay, Georgia, in the beautiful Coosawattee River Resort since Friday.

As I wrote earlier, my mother-in-law (bless her) is home with our toddler so that we could take our first little getaway together.

Fire with HeidiWe rented a beautiful but cozy little cabin right off the river. We spent the day drinking coffee by the fire with our German shepherd Heidi, then we took the somewhat challenging hike down to the river. We just hung out, threw Heidi a stick for awhile, and cleared our minds for about an hour. The sunshine was glorious, and the temperature was pleasant. The sound of the river drifting past us was just what we needed to clear our minds of all the chaos of being new parents!

For lunch, we drove up to Blue Ridge, Georgia, and ate at the Blue Ridge Brewery. We would highly recommend it. My husband got the philly cheese steak special, and I got the house burger. Both were excellent. Mine came with roasted potatoes and seasonal grilled veggies.

The brewery is pet friendly, and they have a great outdoor seating area. The brought a bowl of water out for Heidi. After lunch, we walked around downtown Blue Ridge with Heidi. Everyone was extremely friendly, and it was a great little walk with lots of unique shops and places to get snacks, drinks and food. We picked up some delicious fudge!

We then drove back to the cabin and hiked down to the river again. My wonderful husband carried down two loads of firewood so we could start a fire in the pit by the river. We then sat out there and enjoyed ourselves until we came in for dinner and bed time.

The nature was awesome. We saw a couple of deer hanging out by the road and got great pictures (as you will see). We also saw a beaver last night. I heard it on the other side of the river and joked with my husband that it was the walkers (we are huge The Walking Dead fans) crossing the river to get us. I shined a flashlight over, and we quickly found the beaver scurrying into the water out of sight.

Anyway, it was a fabulous trip, and I’d highly recommend it. We are physically tired, but mentally and emotionally recharged.

So today, I am thankful for vacation!

Will you join me in taking the #30DaysofThanks challenge? Each day from Nov. 1-30, write or share something for which you’re thankful with the hash tag #30DaysofThanks.