The Most Important Lesson for Christian Women

most important lesson for christian womenIt’s New Year’s Eve 2015. Are you wondering where this year went like I am? I’m sitting at my desk thinking about many things I wish I’d done differently this year – differently with my husband and son, differently with my health, differently with my career and differently with our home.

I have very many blessings for which to be thankful, but I can’t lie – it’s been a tough year. Recovering from postpartum depression has taken a toll on my life and the people in it. I’ve been prone to feeling overwhelmed and anxious. Self-criticism is at an all-time high. My own self-criticism makes me more defensive and sensitive to criticism from those I love and whose opinions mean a lot to me. A simple joking remark sparks my own internal criticism, and while I laugh it off externally, internally my mind is racing about what I could be doing better in whatever area of my life the joke was about.

The Most Important Lesson for Christian Women

Thinking back over 2015 and looking forward to 2016, I found the most important lesson for Christian women (and men, too, really but I tend to write more for a female audience). It’s contained in this verse:

While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal. 

2 Corinthians 4:18 KJV

Life can get so busy that I often forget why we are here. It’s not to have a big fancy house decorated like a Pottery Barn catalog. It’s not to be part of the “Hot Moms Club” on Facebook. I am not here to make and store up tons of money or to climb a corporate ladder or even to give my son and husband happiness. My sole reason for existing is to use what God has given me – whatever that may be – for His glory.

It is easy to become overwhelmed trying to please everyone else – and ourselves. This year, I have frequently felt that I’ve let down my husband, my son and family and friends. I’ve beaten myself up for not being a good enough wife or a good enough mother. I’ve not cooked dinner often enough and taken too long to wean my son off the bottles; I’ve not exercised enough or lost enough weight since I had my baby. I don’t call or see my friends enough, and I don’t visit family as much as I should.

But when I think about Proverbs 19:21, I remember that my plans and my husband’s plans and my family’s or friend’s plans will not matter if they do not align with God’s plans for us.

So this brings me to the most important lesson for Christian women: Stop worrying about what everyone else thinks! Put your faith and trust in God, and follow His instructions. Pray consistently and seek His will for your life. Then trust that He will work out the rest.

Worrying is actually a sin, because it means we do not trust God to sustain and provide for us as He promises He will.

Following the Most Important Lesson for Christian Women in 2016

So my goal – a New Year’s Resolution, if you will – is to remember daily to put my faith in God, to follow His instructions for my life and to pray incessantly that He will show me the paths to take. If I do that, I believe my secondary desires – making my family happier and healthier, getting myself healthier, accomplishing the things I wish for in my career – will follow suit. But we must put God’s will first.

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Perhaps this is nothing new to longstanding Christian women. But I find it easy to lose sight of God’s purpose in the busy-ness of life. I’ve actually created a printable that I will gladly share with you FREE to post and remind myself to keep God first each day.

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I look forward to sharing how my journey is going through the year with you, and I hope you’ll share with me, too.

  • Kristi Finefrock

    Yes, we totally must put God first! And your right sometimes it is so easy to let the business of life overrun that. May you enjoy each day with God at the forefront of it!! That is my goal too!

  • LaKisha Riddick

    Amen! When we seek FIRST the Kingdom of God, then ALL things will be added to us. I believe the ALL includes the desires of our heart. But we won’t receive those things if we don’t put God first. This is my desire too. Since I’ve been walking closer with the Lord, I’ve been able to release the ‘weights’, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

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