About Kelly

Kelly BinghamWriter. Editor. Proofreader. Wife. Mom. Animal lover.

People don’t buy what you do. People buy why you do it. ~ Simon Sinek

The Unplanned Mommy is my attempt to share my “why” behind all that I do, personally and professionally.

I am an experienced communicator with more than 12 years of experience in corporate communications, digital experiences and public relations.

I spent the first 33 years of life in Florida, and the rest have been spent in parts of Atlanta.

People who really know me often ask me to edit and proofread their important writing. Behind my back they call me a “grammar nazi.” I take pride in that fact!

For years, I refused to buy an e-reader. Then, I won a Kindle Paperwhite in a contest, and I’ve fallen in love with it. I can carry multiple “books” with me wherever I go, and I can pick from a variety of reading materials depending on my mood.

Most importantly, I am a nondenominational Christian. I’m married to an amazing, hardworking, loving and supportive husband. We have a smart and beautiful son, and a German shepherd rescue dog named Karma.

My favorite mantra is a Chinese proverb: Fall seven times. Stand up eight.


  1. Love your energy, humor, and mantras! I am an avid reader too, so it’s always nice finding other bibliophiles! I’m happy that you enjoy your Kindle! I, too, am a lover of print books, so I understand completely. I look forward to reading more!!!! 🙂

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