About The Unplanned Mommy

The Unplanned Mommy

My life is pretty reactive these days – unplanned pregnancy, unexpected marriage, sudden stay-at-home mom! Life doesn’t always go according to plan, and that’s how The Unplanned Mommy was born!

As the name The Unplanned Mommy implies, my son was not a planned pregnancy. Turns out he wasn’t the only thing unplanned in my life these days!

I ended up facing pregnancy complications, including postpartum pre-eclampsia and postpartum depression and anxiety.

I got married when I was about four months pregnant, so I would tend to call my marriage a little unplanned, as well, although very welcome!

After facing challenges working, I switched jobs in May 2015 and then in October opted to quit working full time entirely. It remains to be seen how long this will continue – I’m seeking freelance opportunities and may work at least part time soon.

On top of everything else, my life just generally seems reactionary – unplanned – no matter how hard I try to organize and arrange everything in some Pinterest-perfect design. Thus, The Unplanned Mommy is born.

I hope to share here life as a first-time mom, which does not always go as planned. You can also connect with me at my professional website and blog about communications, marketing and more at www.kellybinghamwrites.com.

  • Love your energy, humor, and mantras! I am an avid reader too, so it’s always nice finding other bibliophiles! I’m happy that you enjoy your Kindle! I, too, am a lover of print books, so I understand completely. I look forward to reading more!!!! 🙂

    • Kelly B

      Thank you! Looking forward to following you too!