The Mom Quilt

The Mom Quilt bookI am so excited to share that the e-book The Mom Quilt will be released Monday, Aug. 10. I submitted my short story, which will be included as a chapter in the book. Being a contributing author for this amazing work of love and service is such an honor.

All proceeds from sales of the e-book will go toward building a well for The Mercy House, where they currently must truck in fresh water from miles away.

The graphic below will let you know where we stand in terms of reaching the goal of raising $40,000!


“Over 60 wonderful moms and bloggers contributed to make this book, each sharing a special story from their heart about life as mom.

“Even though our lives as mom may look very different from one another, there are certain emotions, experiences and most of all love that unites us. We like to envision these things as threads that bind us together in our lives as “mom”. We all play a unique part, and might do motherhood in different ways than those that surround us, but that bond of love makes us not so different after all.”

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